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The best AA flashlight is one that uses every ounce of the AA battery. The AA flashlight comes in a single battery version or can use several AA batteries. They can have small bodies and large or long bodies, Find the one that is right for your next task right here.

Nitecore EA4 Pioneer Flashlight Review

Nitecore EA4 Pioneer flashlight Nitecore was established back in 2007 by a company called Sysmax, which was only a few years old themselves. Sysmax created flashlights and began out on the path of innovation. Wanting to create flashlights that were more advanced and technical, Sysmax birthed the Nitecore brand. Since Nitecore was started in 2007, […]

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Full Flashlight Guide

The Full Best Flashlight Guide below contains nearly 70 Best Flashlights for you to compare. Included in the matrix are 9 columns: Flashlight pictures Flashlight brand and name/model – (click to view more details or to purchase) Weight – Flashlight weight in ounces Runtime – runtime using maximum lumens / runtime using minimum lumens Output […]

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Fenix LD12 Flashlight Review

The Fenix LD12 flashlight is the new upgraded version of the popular Fenix LD10. The only LD10 models like the LD20, had to rotate the bezel in order to change the modes. The Fenix LD12 and the LD22 have the new side mode switch in the front that is fast and convenient. This light comes […]

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Fenix E21 Flashlight Review

The Fenix E21 Flashlight is an easy-switching two-stage light, which is an exquisitely made portable outdoor flashlight. The Fenix E21 uses the LED bulb with a very efficient reflector to deliver an outstanding balance between flood and hotspot. It comes with 2 modes, one high at 170 lumens and one low at 54 lumens. Slightly […]

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3 Great Options For Best AA Flashlight

BEST AA Flashlight According to experts, it’s wise to own an AA flashlight, an AA flashlight and a multi-purpose torch if you’re spending time in the wilderness. For camping, hunting, fishing or hiking, each flashlight will serve its purpose. For building camp fires, for building a make-shift shelter, for hunting or fishing, the best AA […]

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