Zitrades Mini Cree LED Flashlight – A New Favorite For Keychains

Zitraded Mini LED FlashlightProduct Review of the Zitrades Keychain Flashlight – Features and Benefits

Zitrades mini cree led flashlight isn’t even 4-inches long, but it can light your way in the dark just as easily as a larger, much bulkier flashlight. Featured is a convenient lanyard that enables you to attach it to any key ring, or simply carry it in your pocket, and it will always be there when you need it. No matter where you choose to carry it, the scratch-resistant finish will keep it looking shiny and new. Often, a Zitrades keychain flashlight is purchased as back-up for larger flashlights. Once its been used though, new owners tend to forget they even own any other flashlights.
Experience The Power And Security Of 90 Lumen OutputThe bright, 3 watts featured in a Zitrades mini cree led flashlight, is strong enough to use as a weapon by blinding potential attackers, and all that power comes from one AAA battery that is so small, carrying a few spares with you is no problem. Also featured is simple, one-handed, push button, on/off operation at the tail cap. No more searching for a button in the dark, just feel for the end of the tube, and light will never be more than a click away when you need it most.See Farther Ahead For More Time To React

Zitrades keychain flashlight features a deep textured reflector, that sends a re-assuring beam of light hundreds of feet ahead to warn you of danger long before you reach it. A wide, outer beam, illuminates what is beside you, making walking after dark a much safer idea. Even on a path you know well, stay safe, and don’t leave home without carrying a light you can trust. Don’t let nighttime keep you indoors for lack of being able to see where you’re going.

Zitrades Makes Quality Control and Customer Satisfaction A #1 Priority

A Zitrades keychain flashlight is built to work when you need it to. This sturdy little light won’t let you down by falling apart in your pocket or hand. It’s waterproof because your path may not always be dry, and is designed to be shockproof, so dropping it doesn’t mean breaking it. Precision machined threads increase its durability, and for the price, you won’t find a better deal anywhere. Another benefit of its tiny size is at a weight of 0.8 ounces, shipping hardly counts.

Give The Gift of Light

Zitrades keychain lights make excellent gifts for any occasion. It doesn’t have to be Christmas, or someone’s birthday to give the gift of light because safety isn’t seasonal, or for certain days only. Light the path of your friends, and loved ones, so they are never stranded in the dark, and they will thank you everytime they use it. You’ll thank yourself for getting a few extra in case of a power outage. They are so light, you can hang them from knobs. As long as you can find the door in the dark, you’ll know exactly where the flash light is because it will be hanging there by its lanyard, ready to light your way to the fuse box.

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