Surefire E2L AA Flashlight Review

e2laa-a_handThe Surefire E2L AA Outdoorsman now comes with 115 lumens on the highest mode output. The simple yet effective dual-output mode makes this flashlight a lightweight but yet powerful light. This Surefire E2LL AA has the click-type pushbutton tailcap switch that Surefire is known for, using the momentary on / press until it clicks for constant on. It also uses just 2 AA batteries, so I consider it fairly inexpensive to run for long periods of time compared to the CR123 batteries. The power regulated LED emitter and  precision Total Internal Reflection (TIR lens gives of a nice beam whether on high or low mode.

The Surefire E2L AA Outdoorsman is a little longer in size than the shorter-bodies Surefire E1L and Surefire E2L models, but is considered easier to grip by some of its users. If you looking for other AA flashlights, click here. Of course it comes with the high-strength steel clip for carrying in your pocket or securely on your belt. Machined from the super strong aerospace aluminum and finished with Mil-Spec anodizing for scratch resistance and corrosion, gasket sealed head so its waterproof for a few feet as well.

Because of its dual-output, extended runtimes, and the fact it uses readily available AA batteries, the Surefire E2L AA is the perfect choice for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking. It is also a great choice for emergency use, and as a disaster/survival kit flashlight – which is what I am considering it for myself.

Surefire E2L AA

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Surefire E2L AA Flashlight Features

  • Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • Two output levels—115-lumen high for maximum light, 5-lumen low for extended runtime
  • Choice of power source: two AA lithium (included) or AA alkaline batteries
  • TIR lens produces tight beam with enough surround light for peripheral vision
  • Coated tempered window resists impact, maximizes light
  • High-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability
  • Dual-output tailcap click switch—press for momentary-on low, click for constant-on low, return to off and then press or click again to select high
  • Steel clip provides multiple carry options
  • O-ring and gasket sealed, waterproof to one meter

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