Outdoor / General Flashlight

One of the biggest categories of flashlights is the For more info check out outdoor / general flashlight. The best outdoor / general use flashlight tends to be reasonably priced, uses a common battery size and gives off enough light that you can get stuff done without a worry.

Benefits of the tactical handheld Sidewinder flashlight


A Hands Free Flashlight Imagine purchasing a flashlight that has met the hands free task illumination requirements. The Sidewinder flashlight has done just that. You also have the ability to purchase this particular flashlight in different models. These different models have different light configurations.One of the nice features is the hands free option. You can […]

What to Look for When Buying a Survival Flashlight

survival flashlights

One of the absolute necessities any survivalist will tell you is a must have is the survival flashlight. One of the biggest issues however is with the large variety of styles and models available. Many buyers simply get overwhelmed with all the different functions and features, that they often choose the wrong flashlight for their […]

7 Options For Best Pocket Flashlight Under $20


I believe everyone should carry the best pocket flashlight. If you are the type of person to not carry a flashlight on your person every day, then maybe consider carrying it in your purse, tool pouch, and keep one in your car for the times when you need it. The LED flashlights are getting smaller […]

FordEx Group 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight 

fordex mini side

As I have said in previous posts, one of the most important tools you can have in an EDC, BOB, GHB or even a 72 hour survival kit is a good flashlight. I usually try to purchase the best flashlight by the best flashlight manufacturers and give you a review so you can make an […]

Streamlight Stylus Pro Flashlight Review

Streamlight Stylus Pro

Streamlight’s new Stylus Pro is one of a new breed of tactical flashlights designed for every day carry (EDC) as well as tactical use with weapons and equipment. These new flashlights by Streamlight and others are small, slim, tough, bright and long lasting. What Is a Streamlight? Founded in 1973 to manufacture tactical lights for […]

3 Great Options For A 200 Lumen Flashlight


Dorcy Flashlight Review [easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B004K6MNUA” locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31BUmtQvibL.jpg” width=”300″] Anyone looking for a powerful but compact flashlight, should take a closer look at the Dorcy 200 lumen flashlight. At only five and a half inches long and one inch wide, it is the perfect size for someone who does not want to carry a […]

Nitecore EA4 Pioneer Flashlight Review

Nitecore EA4 Pioneer

Nitecore EA4 Pioneer flashlight Nitecore was established back in 2007 by a company called Sysmax, which was only a few years old themselves. Sysmax created flashlights and began out on the path of innovation. Wanting to create flashlights that were more advanced and technical, Sysmax birthed the Nitecore brand. Since Nitecore was started in 2007, they […]

Life Gear Flashlight Review

Life Gear Flashlight

This Life Gear Flashlight Review is written for all the folks that just need a good old fashioned flashlight to have around the house, in the car, or maybe even in your survival packs. I want to point out several of the very successful Life+Gear Flashlights in this review, because I think it is important […]

Surefire E2L AA Flashlight Review

Surefire E2L AA

The Surefire E2L AA Outdoorsman now comes with 115 lumens on the highest mode output. The simple yet effective dual-output mode makes this flashlight a lightweight but yet powerful light. This Surefire E2LL AA has the click-type pushbutton tailcap switch that Surefire is known for, using the momentary on / press until it clicks for […]

Surefire LX2 LumaMax Flashlight Review

Surefire LX2 LumaMax

Surefire LX2 LumaMax has a two stage switch which throws 200 lumens in a good steady beam on high and then on low it is 15 lumens. The Surefire LX2 LumaMax is quite small, small enough to be a pocket flashlight, backup or fit in the glovebox of your car. Unlike some other flashlights like […]

Fenix E21 Flashlight Review

Fenix E21

The Fenix E21 Flashlight is an easy-switching two-stage light, which is an exquisitely made portable outdoor flashlight. The Fenix E21 uses the LED bulb with a very efficient reflector to deliver an outstanding balance between flood and hotspot. It comes with 2 modes, one high at 170 lumens and one low at 54 lumens. Slightly […]

Maglite 2D LED Flashlight Review

Maglite 2D LED

The Maglite 2D flashlight is renowned for its quality, durability and reliability, and has been around for a long time and continues to be a bestseller for Maglite. Now it is available using the MAG-LED technology. This flashlight is the upgraded version of the standard 2D Maglite flashlight, changing from the standard bulb to the […]