Law Enforcement Flashlight

The law enforcement community knows that when it comes to flashlights, they are not all a law enforcement flashlight. The best law enforcement flashlight will have options such as rechargeable batteries, super bright led and compact in size. Above all it must have a strobe light mode to disorient the bad guys.

Nitecore SRT7 Flashlight Review

Nitecore SRT7_Black_OI-dive2_1024x1024

The Birth Of Nitecore Nitecore, the brainchild of Edgetac Pty Ltd, was created in 2007. Edgetac Pty Ltd. was a large OEM/ODM manufacturer with extensive experience in the conception, engineering and manufacturing of portable lighting products. Continuing to design and manufacturer personal lighting products under numerous brands, both in China and through the U.S. and […]

Surefire EB1 Backup Flashlight Review

Surefire EB1 Backup

The Surefire EB1 Backup is one of the best backup lights for patrol officers or a duty light for plainclothes officers. The Surefire EB1 Backup flashlight is extremely compact has a dual output that shines a 200 lumen LED bulb on high. On low is just enough light at 5 lumens, to see a few […]

Streamlight ProTac 2L Flashlight Review

Streamlight ProTac 2L

The Streamlight ProTac 2L is the perfect flashlight for trade professionals or law enforcement. This light uses the patented Streamlight C4 LED to give it a brilliant white beam with consistency. With 3 modes, this little powerpack puts out 260 lumens on high and a mere 13 lumens on low. While the Streamlight ProTac 2L […]

Surefire G2 Nitrolon Flashlight Review

Surefire G2 LED

The Surefire G2 Nitrolon Flashlight is a small compact, high-intensity incandescent flash light that fits in the palm of your hand. Used for tactical, self-defense, and general use, with a tough polymer body made of lightweight, abrasion-resistant, corrosion-proof Nitrolon. The Surefire Nitrolon G2 Flashlight puts out a smooth, clean, brilliant, pre-focused tactical-level beam with four times the light of big […]