Firefighter / S&R / EMT Flashlight

A Firefighter / S&R / EMT Flashlight is one tough torch. It needs to be able to withstand abuse from every angle. The best firefighter / S&R / EMT flashlight has a strong beam of light, lightweight and reasonably priced. They often times have a clip to attach to the jacket or belt during use or storage.

Surefire E2L AA Flashlight Review

Surefire E2L AA

The Surefire E2L AA Outdoorsman now comes with 115 lumens on the highest mode output. The simple yet effective dual-output mode makes this flashlight a lightweight but yet powerful light. This Surefire E2LL AA has the click-type pushbutton tailcap switch that Surefire is known for, using the momentary on / press until it clicks for […]

Surefire EB1 Backup Flashlight Review

Surefire EB1 Backup

The Surefire EB1 Backup is one of the best backup lights for patrol officers or a duty light for plainclothes officers. The Surefire EB1 Backup flashlight is extremely compact has a dual output that shines a 200 lumen LED bulb on high. On low is just enough light at 5 lumens, to see a few […]