Emergency / Disaster Flashlight

The Emergency / Disaster Flashlight is one that can withstand a lot of abuse. Most often the best emergency / disaster flashlight is waterproof, led, and a bright colored body. Many folks like a light weight version because they are usually carrying a large amount of gear at the same time.

Benefits of the tactical handheld Sidewinder flashlight


A Hands Free Flashlight Imagine purchasing a flashlight that has met the hands free task illumination requirements. The Sidewinder flashlight has done just that. You also have the ability to purchase this particular flashlight in different models. These different models have different light configurations.One of the nice features is the hands free option. You can […]

What to Look for When Buying a Survival Flashlight

survival flashlights

One of the absolute necessities any survivalist will tell you is a must have is the survival flashlight. One of the biggest issues however is with the large variety of styles and models available. Many buyers simply get overwhelmed with all the different functions and features, that they often choose the wrong flashlight for their […]

Life Gear Flashlight Review

Life Gear Flashlight

This Life Gear Flashlight Review is written for all the folks that just need a good old fashioned flashlight to have around the house, in the car, or maybe even in your survival packs. I want to point out several of the very successful Life+Gear Flashlights in this review, because I think it is important […]

Surefire LX2 LumaMax Flashlight Review

Surefire LX2 LumaMax

Surefire LX2 LumaMax has a two stage switch which throws 200 lumens in a good steady beam on high and then on low it is 15 lumens. The Surefire LX2 LumaMax is quite small, small enough to be a pocket flashlight, backup or fit in the glovebox of your car. Unlike some other flashlights like […]